Invitation: Join the Video Making Program Of ‘In Light Of Law’

About Us

‘In Light Of Law’ is the team setup by the Law students and professionals to bridge the gap of unavailability of understandable and accessible study material For the Law students or budding Lawyers.


About the Work

We have divided the work into the 2 categories. One can opt for any of them:


I.                                 Recording

You are supposed to record videos for our YouTube channel. The recording can be done in any format i.e. audio/face cam video.

If you will provide us your simple audio recording, we’ll make it attractive for instance, REFER THIS VIDEO


II.                                     Editing

You can contribute in our video editing team also. You will be provided at most level of support by our other team members.



Open for all Law aspirants, students and professionals.



For 1st category: Analysis of Legal topics and important current issues, (Subject to Prior Approval).


Why We Do this?

  1.        It will help to improve your public speaking skills drastically.
  2.        The due credits will be given to you on the every possible place.
  3.        It will provide you a platform for showcasing your talent.
  4.        It will help you to develop more comprehensive understanding about your academic part also.
  5.        You will find an opportunity to contribute your best for the budding Lawyers and society.
  6.        This will also help in removing your stage fear.
  7.        And last but not the least, no work load. You can contribute as much as you want.


How to Submit Your Work

We are just 1 message away. Start the conversation by using one of the following methods:

WhatsApp: 7297911597,

or, click here to start conversation.



Please specify about your work preference in the message. *


Important Things

  1.        In the 1st case, the responsibility of editing the video rests with our video editing team.
  2.        Work must be your own and unpublished.
  3.        After uploading the video, the all Legal rights of your video rests with ‘In Light Of Law’,        although you are free to claim moral rights on it.
  4.        These terms and conditions are subject to upgradation.







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