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The Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority came into existence on 07.07.1998 by notification issued by the State Government.

The Government of Rajasthan in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court, framed the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority Rules, 1995, and this Authority also framed the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority Regulations, 1999 to give effect to the provision of the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987( Act No.39 of 1987).


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About the Opportunity

The RSLSA offers internship opportunities to Law Students during summer (April-June), winter (October December) and also mid-term or specific internship programmes with an aim and an object to provide an understanding of legal service programmes including free legal aid, implementation of various schemes and awareness programmes.


Duration of Internship

Ordinarily for 3 weeks


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Areas of Internship

  1. District Legal Services Authority.
  2. Public Utility Services and Permanent Lok Adalats.
  3. Beneficial aspect of law and Role of Motor Accident Claim Tribunals.
  4. Ensuring commitment of financial instrument and Section 138 N.I. Act vis-à-vis functioning of Special Courts.
  5. Awareness Programmes in Slum areas & colonies of daily wagers.
  6. Centres for Legal Care & Support.
  7. Centre for Mediation & Conciliation.
  8. Marriage institutions and Family Court.
  9. Industrial dispute, workmen and Labour Courts & Tribunals.
  10. Juvenile and Juvenile Justice Boards.
  11. Ensuring respectable life to senior citizen and Old Age Home.
  12. Children Homes & Child care Institutions.
  13. Child in need of care & protection and Child Welfare Committees.
  14. Victim and object of Victim Compensation scheme.
  15. Role of Lok Adalat as an effective mode of disposal.
  16. Ensuring humane treatment to Jail inmates and Jail reforms
  17. Outreach programme and role of Para Legal Volunteers.
  18. Role of Panel Advocates, Retainer Advocates and Legal aid counsels including bail-remand lawyers in court based legal services. s) Model Police Station with emphasis on activities of DLSA.
  19. Awareness Programmes in far flung areas and rural areas.
  20. Rehabilitation and Restoration of victim.
  21. Security & safety of witness and the Witness Protection Scheme.


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Nature of the Internship

• Interns shall be required to present a report at the end of their study

• At the end of her/his internship, certificate will be issued to every intern after evaluation or assessment of report.

• Entire internship programme shall be supervised by the Director under guidance of the Member Secretary of RSLSA

• Internship at DLSA shall be under supervision of the Secretary of DLSA, subject to control of the Director.


Eligibility Criteria

Law students pursuing studies (3/5 years law degree course only) at any recognized college/university (Only)


Stipend (If any)

Note: No remuneration or honorarium or expenses or TA is payable either by RSLSA or by DLSA



How to Apply?

• Interested law students pursuing studies (3/5 years law degree course only) at any recognized college/Law School University may send their applications in the enclosed format, The same can be accessed here.

• Applications may be submitted either by post courier or through  e-mail or by hand to reach the office of the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority or through any of 35 DLSA’s but incomplete applications will not be entertained.

• As far as possible, every student have to submit letter of recommendation or no objection issued by the Principal or Director or Dean or Head of Department of his/her educational institution.



At any one office (Jaipur/Jodhpur) or more than one office under RSLSA.


Contact Details

Rajasthan High court Building, Jaipur


Tel: +91-141-2227481


Fax: +91-141-2227602


Email: rj-slsa[at]nic[dot]in




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