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Paid Internship Opportunity at VNC Corporate & Legal, Delhi: Stipend of Rs 5K, Apply Now!
Question: write a short note on termination of contract of Agency.
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Online/Offline: Paid Internship Opportunity at DCPCR [Stipend Rs 3,000;]: Rolling Applications!
Question: What are the various Duties of Agent?
Paid Internship Opportunity at Department of Justice, GOI: Stipend of Rs 5K, Apply by June 18
Question: A gives authority to B to sell A’s land, and to pay himself, out of the proceeds, the debt due to him from A. By describing the situations when principal cannot revoke the agency, comment on the given problem that whether A has authority to revoke the agency or not?
Question: A, a servant of B, in excess of his authorized powers, purchased 5 Ekads of land on his behalf, from C. B, later by appreciating the transection, gave his approval and authorized his act. Commenting on the given problem, write down the essentials of a valid ratification.
Q. Explain the various modes of creation of agency.
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Paid Internship Opportunity at Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO, Govt of India) 2022-23 [Stipend Rs 7K]: Apply by June 25
Online Internship at DPIIT IPR Chair, GNLU: Apply by 20th June, 2022
Q. Write a short note on Contract of Agency. Also, briefly describe the principles which deals with such contracts.
Q: A, not being an original owner of the car, pledges it to B. By elaborating the situation when non-owners can validly pledge, briefly comment on the given problem.
Paid Internship Opportunity at Centre's Department Of Legal Affairs, Stipend of Rs. 5K, Apply for the Month of June 2022
Paid: Online Internship Opportunity at National Human Rights Commission: Apply by June 5th, 2022