Judiciary Books: Everything You Need to Ace the Judiciary Exam (Always Latest And Best)


The judiciary plays a vital role in our society, upholding the law and safeguarding citizens' rights. If you're aspiring to pursue a career in the judiciary, having access to the best and latest resources is essential.

We've gathered a selection of some of the finest judiciary books to aid you in your journey. Whether you're a student preparing for judiciary exams or a legal professional seeking to expand your knowledge, you're welcome to explore our carefully chosen books. We're confident you'll discover the resources you need to not only succeed but thrive in your pursuit of legal expertise and excellence.


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Note: A list of specific subject books, including Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Cyber Law, International Law, and other subjects, with reviews and comments, will be uploaded soon.


List of Books

For Prelims Preparation

1.      Singhal Law Publications, Chapter-Wise & Topic-Wise Mcqs, Set Of 4 Books, Edition 2023:


2.      Singhal's Solved Paper For Judicial Service Edition 2023

3.      Pariksha Manthan, A Compendium of MCQS for Judiciary By Samarth Agrawal, Edition 2023

For Mains Prep

1.      Singhal Law Publications, Mains, All States Unsolved Papers

2.      Pariksha Manthan, Samarth Agrawal, Judiciary Mains, Set of 3 Books


Other Important Books

Essay Writing, [Nibandh Lekhan] for Judicial Services Mains Exam by AP Solanki, 2023

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