1st Justice A.S. Anand Memorial National Agreement Drafting Competition by Faculty of Law, Lucknow University: Interesting cash prizes: Register by Aug 25



About the Organizer

Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow has been pioneer legal institution of India. It was established in 1921 with three teachers. Mr. Jag Mohan Nath Chak was its first Dean.


The real architect was Prof. R.U. Singh who with great zeal and enthusiasm organized teaching and research in the faculty in a systematic way. He held the office of Dean, Faculty of Law till 1956. He also structured the Law Faculty of Delhi and Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The distinction goes to him that he drafted the Constitution of Nepal. Dr. V.N. Shukla, the well-known authority of Constitutional Law was the first LL.M. of the University.


About the Agreement Drafting Competition

The Competition on the basis of the information seeks to engage with the community of law students in India to promote the art of modern legal drafting. This aims at providing opportunities to the students to initiate research about legal certainties and further the skills of drafting.


Eligibility Criteria

The Competition shall be open for the students currently pursuing either a 3-Year LL.B. course or a 5-Year LL.B. course from any recognized university/college in India.

Note: There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university.


Registration Process

Participants shall register themselves for the Competition by submitting this form.


Registration Fee:

·         Rs. 50/- (Individual Participation);

·         Rs.100/- (Team Participation)

·         Payment shall be made on 6394073279 through Google Pay or PhonePe.

A Team Code shall be assigned to each individual participant/participant team, as the case may be, after the successful completion of registration.


Submission Guidelines

·         Participants may register individually or in a team of two (2).

·         The agreement shall be drafted on the basis of the Problem/statement. The agreement shall be drafted in English language only.

·         The agreement shall not exceed more than five (5) A4-sized typewritten pages, excluding the cover page and the signature page. Five (5) marks shall be deducted as penalty for each page exceeding the page limit.

·         The document containing the agreement shall not reveal the identity of the participants, in any manner whatsoever.

·         Soliciting assistance from industry professionals with or without consideration is strictly prohibited.

·         Formatting: Font style – Times New Roman, font size – 12, line spacing – 1.5, justified alignment, paragraph spacing – 0

·         pt. before and after, 1 inch margin on all sides.

·         Participants are encouraged to use modern agreement drafting techniques that focus on the use of plain English.

·         Submissions shall be made in .doc or .docx format only.

·         Submissions shall be made by sending an email to luplacementcommittee@gmail.com with the subject Submission for Agreement Drafting Competition: [Team Code].

·         Clarifications on the Problem Statement shall be sent to luplacementcommittee@gmail.com with the subject “Clarifications on the Problem Statement: [Team Code]”.



·         Cash Prize & Certificate of Merit for Winner and Runner up.

·         Participation Certificate for all.


Important Dates

·         Release of Problem Statement: July 27, 2021

·         Last date for registration: August 25, 2021

·         Last date for seeking clarifications on the Problem Statement: August 25, 2021

·         Release of clarifications (if any): August 26, 2020

·         Submission deadline: August 31, 2021

·         Declaration of Results: September 11, 2021


Contact Details

For any queries, feel free to contact on:

·         Urmika Pandey: 6394073279

·         Rishabh Chauhan: 7379925555

·         Himanshu Singh: 7068524505


Click here for the official brochure.


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