Share Your Internship Experience And Enlighten Your Fellow Law Students

We will feel great to publish your internship experience on this site. It will prove a path guiding step for your fellow Law students, and help them  to choose their options wisely.


Before publishing, please keep following points in mind:

1.       Please share only authentic information.

2.       Avoid disclosing any sensitive, confidential information of any organization/firm.

3.       You also have the liberty of making your post anonymous.

4.       You could even write on behalf of a friend (with proof of their assent).

Upon being published, you should be sent an automated email notification.

Please do not plagiarize/copy from elsewhere. You are not writing answers for your exams


What to Include?

  • ·         Your name
  • ·         Your college and year of study
  • ·         Name of the organization where you interned and its full address
  • ·         Duration of internship (mention the exact dates: for example Oct 1, 2021-Nov 5th, 2021)
  • ·         How did you apply? Share the application procedure details
  • ·         First day formalities: infrastructure, first impression
  • ·         Main tasks
  • ·         Good things
  • ·         Bad things
  • ·         Stipend/accommodation (if any)
  • ·         Anything else? Like: what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc.


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