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Join us here at In Light Of Law in sharing your internship journey. Your experience could be the guiding light for aspiring law students in making informed decisions.


Here's why you should share:

  • • Empower your peers: Help others make informed choices about their internships by sharing your insights.
  • • Build your resume: A published internship experience showcases your initiative and writing skills.
  • • Leave your mark: Contribute to a valuable resource for the Law student community.


Submission Guidelines

Before sharing, please consider the following:

  • • Adherence to format: Prepare a word file in .doc or .dox format in MS Word, containing information regarding all your experiences in the indicative format and attach the file in the Google Form annexed to this post.
  • • Authenticity: Ensure the information you provide is genuine.
  • • Confidentiality: Respect the privacy of organizations and refrain from disclosing sensitive details.

Please do not plagiarize/copy from elsewhere. You are not writing answers for your exams

Upon publication, you will receive an automated email notification.


What to Include

  1. Student Information: Name, College, Year of Study.
  2. Anonymity Preference: Would you like to submit anonymously? (Yes/No)
  3. Organization Details: Name and Full Address.
  4. Internship Duration: Specify exact dates (e.g., June 1, 2019 - July 14, 2019).
  5. Application Process: How did you apply for the internship?
  6. First Impressions: Share your first-day experiences, infrastructure, and initial impressions.
  7. Main Responsibilities: Outline the tasks you were assigned.
  8. Work Environment: Describe the atmosphere and culture of the organization.
  9. Highlights: What were the positive aspects of your internship?
  10. Challenges: Any difficulties or drawbacks encountered?
  11. Stipend: Mention if there was any financial compensation.
  12. Accommodation and Commuting: Details about lodging and transportation to the office.
  13. Additional Insights: Share any other relevant experiences, lessons learned, or relaxation activities during your internship.
  14. Photographs: Attach any photos you have from your internship experience.

By sharing your internship story, you're not just informing others, you're building a brighter future for the entire Law student community.


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