Internship Opportunity at the Office of Hon’ble Mr Justice Sanjay Karol, Supreme Court: Application on Rolling Basis, Apply Now!


About Hon’ble Mr Justice Sanjay Karol

Justice Sanjay Karol (born: 23 August 1961) is a Judge of the Supreme Court of India. He is the former Chief Justice of Patna High Court and Tripura High Court.


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About the Internship

The office of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjay Karol, Judge, Supreme Court of India is inviting applications for internships on a rolling basis.

Open Slots

Currently open for December 2023 to Feb 2024.


Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be in their 3rd – 5th Year [5 Year LLB] or 2nd – 3rd Year [3 Year LLB].


Application Procedure

All interested candidates may submit their applications  by Clicking Here.


Important Instructions

  • ·         Don’t attach Template/Format cv or SOP. Customise it in a way, that it reflects who you are.
  • ·         Be creative.
  • ·         Give a strong reason why they should select you. Instead of using adjectives such as I am “hardworking” or a “team player”, demonstrate them it with the precise example.
  • ·         Last but not the least, your law school doesn’t matter, just demonstrate them that you deserve the place, or you are keen to learn.


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