IN LIGHT OF LAW as a Goodwill Partner

We believe to promote events which are useful for law fraternity, specially free events.

We will be happy to promote events like:

• Moot Court Competition,

• Call for Papers Journal,

• Essay Competition,

• Writing Competition,

• Quizzes,

• Conference/Seminar/Workshop,

• Drafting Competition,

• MUN/Model Parliament,

• Fest,

Or, any other similar type of opportunity/event.


We will provide you with:

1. We will make one post for all your events/opportunities for free on our blog and on our social media groups. But, if in case you want more coverage of your event, than we can share the similar post in our social media handles for 2nd time as well on the date decided by you.

2. We will also try to cover your event on our YouTube channel, if we deemed fit.


Things you have to do for us:

1. Mention our name as goodwill partner;

2. Depict our Logo; and

3. Mention our URL (as applicable).

 The above 3 things should be put on all your Posters, Banners, Certificates, Website, Facebook page, and other Advertising sources.


If you want to engage with us, please Email us at


For your event's coverage on our YouTube channel, specify us separately.


Note: If you wish to promote your event on our channel then, provide us with the recording of your event in good quality.

We will upload the same with your logo or, if required, we can also make modifications in it.

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