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"At In Light of Law," we are dedicated to promoting and supporting valuable legal events that contribute to the growth of the law fraternity. Whether you're organizing a Moot Court Competition, Call for Papers Journal, Essay Competition, Writing Competition, Quiz, Conference/Seminar/Workshop, Drafting Competition, MUN/Model Parliament, Fest, or any other similar opportunity/event, we are here to help you reach a wider audience and make your event a success.


Promotion Categories

Free Promotion

For many events, we offer complimentary promotion through our website and social media groups. We will create a dedicated post about your event on our blog and share it across our social media platforms.

Expectations for Free Promotion

In return for our complimentary promotional services, we kindly request that you acknowledge "In Light of Law" as a promotion partner in all your event materials, including posters, banners, certificates, websites, Facebook pages, and other advertising sources.

Please note that events conducted by law firms, private colleges/universities, and coaching institutions will be subject to charges for our promotional services. Feel free to contact us via email to discuss the pricing packages that suit your needs.


Paid Promotion:

For entities that seek additional promotion or prefer not to display as goodwill partners, we offer a paid promotion package. This package is also suitable for those who want extended advertisement. Here's what we can provide under our paid promotion package:

1.       Extended Promotion: We will create a comprehensive promotional campaign for your event, including multiple blog posts (only if needed for extensive coverage of the event), increased social media coverage, and a featured spot on our website.

2.       YouTube Coverage: Your event will be prominently featured on our YouTube channel, reaching a wider audience through video content.

For specific requirements or additional customization, please contact us via email at to discuss pricing and tailored promotional packages.

We are excited to partner with you and help promote your event to a wider audience. Together, we can make your event a resounding success while fostering knowledge and collaboration within the law fraternity. Choose the promotion package that best suits your needs and let us help you shine in the legal world.


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