All About The Pro-tem Speaker: It’s Manner of Appointment, Powers and Functions

Pro-tem is a Latin phrase which means “for the time being”. By that logic, Pro-tem speaker means; a speaker appointed for a limited period of time. Pro-tem speaker can be appointed either for the Lok Sabha or any of the state legislature.


Who Can Be Selected As Pro-tem Speaker?

There is no as such qualification mention for this post, any member of house can be appointed. But, it is general convention that most senior member from the house should be appointed as pro-tem speaker.


Who appoints the Pro-tem speaker?

The pro-tem speaker is chosen by the members of concern house, and appointed by the President; in the case of Lok Sabha, and Governor; in the case of state legislature.


Duties of Pro-tem speaker

  • To administer the oath of office to new members of the house,
  • To administer the floor test, whenever needed,
  • To enable the house for electing their new speaker.


Note: Once the new speaker is elected, the office of the pro-tem speaker ceases to exist.

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