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WAR OF WORDS– National Debate Competition for students studying in law, aims to provide an opportunity to come forward and experience the art of debating to take away the 3EsExperience,   Expertise and Excellence.

The competition is to be judged by a panel of eminent jury members, which shall be comprise of:

  •          1 judicial officer,
  •          1 High court or supreme court advocate,
  •          1 faculty member.


  We hope that through this platform, students will get a great learning activity to exercise their Brains & maintain the spirit of Education; despite being locked inside their homes.

        This is our 1st edition of online debate competition. 

About In Light Of Law

‘In Light Of Law’ is the team setup by the Law students and professionals to bridge the gap of unavailability of understandable and accessible study material For the Law students or budding Lawyers. We are actively organizing several quizzes, virtual sessions with eminent lawyers as well as judges.



As the name LEGAL (Legal Education & Grooming Academy for Lawyers) itself defines, LEGAL is an organization working for the education of Law Students, Lawyers & Legal Officers.It’s a registered body under MSME (GoI) & DPDESR (GoR).


    It is founded with the objective to work as a resource centre for Students, Law Colleges and to assist any other institutions who are working in the field of Legal Education but are facing a serious issues in terms of executing there plans.



  •          For the preliminary and semi-final rounds: should oral remarks of judges be reported in media?
  •          The topic for the final round will be announced on your registered mail id 1 day prior to the competition i.e. 2nd July, 2021.


Registration Process

You have to pay the minor fee of 40 rupees as team registration amount. The registration form can be accessed here.

You have to upload the screenshot of your payment receipt. The payment can be made on:

UPI/Paytm/Gpay on 8000201350 (Ankit Jindal)


Important Dates

  •          Registration starts: 10th June,
  •          Last date for registration: 1st July,
  •          Release of topic for final round: 2nd July,
  •          Preliminary round: 3rd July,
  •          Semi-final and final round: 4th July,
  •          Announcement of results: 4th July.


General Guidelines     

            ·         The competition will be organized on zoom video conferencing application, in online mode.
    • It is a conventional debate which will be organized in three rounds: preliminary, semi-final and final.
    • Students are invited in a team of two (cross university teams are permitted).
    • Speaker 1 of the team shall speak for the motion and Speaker 2 shall speak against the motion.
    • For the Preliminary and semi-final Round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 3 minutes and for the final round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 5 minutes.
    • Granting the rebuttal will be the soul discretion of the judges.
    • There shall be negative marking for exceeding prescribed time limit.
    • Decision of the judges shall be final, and no objection shall be entertained.
    • As per the Draw of Lots, Speaker 1(for the motion) of a team shall individually contest  with Speaker 2(against the motion) of the other team. The cumulative marks of both the     speakers of one team shall decide the position of the team and its further promotion to the next Round.
    • For example, there are two teams: Team A and Team B. Speaker 1 (for the motion) of Team A will debate with Speaker 2 (against the motion) of Team B. And Speaker 2(against  the motion) of Team A will contest with Speaker 1(for the motion) of Team B. The total marks obtained by Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 of Team A will decide their position. Same goes for Team B.
    • The Speakers shall not disclose their identities and shall only represent themselves by the team codes allotted to them.
    • The team codes shall be allotted to the participants one day before the competition, that is, 2nd July, 2021.
    • All participants must refrain from disclosing the identity of themselves and their institution at any time and in any manner, during the course of their participation in the competition.
    • Each speaker shall keep their cameras and mics on throughout the round, especially when he/she is speaking (including in to the rebuttals).
    • The dress code for the competition is western or Indian formals.
    • Use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.
    • No usage of any book, document or electronic gadget is allowed to the participant while speaking.
    • Participants should ensure proper network connectivity before and during the session.
    • In case there will be any technical issue from the organizer’s side, the time limit extension will be done accordingly.
    • The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.



    Disclaimer: The Rule shall be strictly adhered to. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify teams for deviating from the rules. The Organizers will resolve any contingencies that may arise and will be the final arbiters regarding any doubts/ grievances. The decision taken by the Organizers shall be final. These Rules are not exhaustive.


    The Grounds for Evaluation

    The ground for evaluation of debate will be on following parameters:

    •          Organization and Clarity: 20 marks.
    •          Presentation Style: 20 marks.
    •          Knowledge of Subject: 20 marks.
    •          Originality and Ingeniousness: 20 marks.
    •          Ability to deal with question and rebuttals concisely and effectively: 20 marks.

    Total 100 Marks.


    Awards and Certificates

    •          Winning team: cash prize of 2100 along with appreciation certificate.
    •          Runner up team: cash prize of 1500 along with appreciation certificate.
    •          Best speaker: (from both sides: favor and against) cash prize of 500 along with the certificate    of appreciation.
    •          Paid internship opportunity for all the winners.
    •          Participation certificate for the all participants.

    Note: certificates will not be provided in physical mode.


    Contact Information

    Siddharth Sharma: +91-7297911597 (WhatsApp only)

    Rishi Aggrawal: +91 9610066543




    Link For The Registration Form

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