Question: Mention the distinction between Corporation sole and Corporation aggregate.

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A corporation is an organized body of coexisting or successive persons which by a legal fiction is regarded and treated as itself a person. They are of 2 types:

1.                   Corporation sole, and

2.                   Corporation aggregate.


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I.                     A corporation aggregate is a group of co-existing persons. Whereas, A corporation sole is a series of successive persons.

II.                   A corporate sole is a legal person occupying it only one person at a time. Whereas, A corporate aggregate can have several members at a time.

III.                 A corporation sole does not require a seal, but a corporation aggregate can only act or express its will by deed under its common seal.

IV.                Examples:

A.      Corporate sole: President of India, Prime Minister, District Collector, Governor, King of England, King of Nepal, etc.

B.      Corporate aggregate: all private limited companies, all public limited companies, multi-national corporations, public undertaking corporations.


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