Question: B owes some money to A. A in order to put pressure on B to pay the debt, takes away without B’s consent two of his cows and ties in his house. Is A guilty of any offence?


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Yes, the offence herein made out is of theft.


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A careful perusal of Section 378 reveals the following essentials required to constitute the offense of theft:

1.                   Dishonest intention of taking property from the possession of someone,

2.                   That property should be movable in nature,

3.                   The property should be taken without the consent of the rightful possessor,

4.                   Even the slide movement of such property constitute theft.

The explanation 4 of this section clearly and unequivocally makes it clear that the animals are also susceptible to theft. Hence, if someone a dishonestly and without the consent of the true possessor takes away any animal, it also constitutes theft. Such person is liable to punished under section 379.

In the given problem, irrespective of the fact that A was indebted to B, as soon as B removed that cow from the possession of A, the offence of theft made out.


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