Important Solved Questions on Contract Law, (Updated)



"Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Contract Law! This post is designed to be your go-to resource for understanding the intricacies of contract law. Whether you're a law student, legal professional, or simply interested in the world of contracts, this compilation of questions and answers aims to provide clarity on various aspects of Indian Contract Law.

Contract law plays a pivotal role in shaping legal relationships, and a solid understanding of its principles is crucial. From the essential elements of a valid proposal to the complexities of agency relationships, we've covered a wide array of topics to cater to your learning needs.

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Part 1: Formation, Capacity, Consideration, Void, Voidable Agreements/Contracts

1.       Discuss essential elements of a valid proposal.

2.       A patient in a lunatic asylum is at intervals of sound mind. During the intervals can he contract? Explain.

3.       Whether silence amounts to fraud? Explain.

4.       Define undue influence and explain the nature of contract concluded under undue influence.

5.       Describe the nature of minor's agreement.

6.       Define consideration and mention its types.

7.       "No Consideration No Contract": State the exceptions of this rule.

8.       “Insufficiency of Consideration is Immaterial but an Agreement without Consideration is void.” Explain.

9.       Write a short note on privity of contract.

10.   “An agreement in Restraint of Trade is Void.” Explain this principle with its exceptions, if any.

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Part 2: Performance of Contract

1.       State the rules about time and place of performance of contract.

2.       Discuss the Doctrine of Frustration as applicable under Section 56 of Indian Contract Act, 1872.


Part 3: Quasi-Contract

1.       What do you understand by quasi contract? State its essential features.

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Part 4: Indemnity and Guarantee

1.       Define contract of Guarantee.

2.       Write down various features of Contract of Guarantee.

3.       Write a short note on the liabilities of surety.

4.       “Liability of the surety is co-extensive with that of the principal debtor.” Explain the statement.

5.       Explain the modes of discharge of surety, as mentioned under Indian Contract Act, 1872.


Part 5: Bailment and Pledge

1.       Define Bailment and explain its essentials.

2.       Name different kinds of lien on goods bailed.

3.       Write down essentials of a valid Pledge.

4.       A, not being an original owner of the car, pledges it to B. By elaborating the situation when non-owners can validly pledge, briefly comment on the given problem.

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Part 6: Agency

1.       Write a short note on Contract of Agency. Also, briefly describe the principles which deals with such contracts.

2.       Explain the various modes of creation of agency.

3.       What are the various Duties of Agent?

4.       A gives authority to B to sell A’s land, and to pay himself, out of the proceeds, the debt due to him from A. By describing the situations when principal cannot revoke the agency, comment on the given problem that whether A has authority to revoke the agency or not?

5.       A, a servant of B, in excess of his authorized powers, purchased 5 Ekads of land on his behalf, from C. B, later by appreciating the transection, gave his approval and authorized his act. Commenting on the given problem, write down the essentials of a valid ratification.

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"As we conclude this exploration of Contract Law, we hope this guide has been a valuable resource in deepening your understanding of the legal principles that underpin contracts. Whether you're studying for exams, delving into legal practice, or simply expanding your knowledge, the diverse questions covered here offer insights into the complexities of contract formation, performance, and related areas.

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