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In Light of Law: Illuminating Legal Horizons Since 2020

Started in the year 2020, In Light of Law has walked and passed several milestones since then. The idea was to create a platform that would benefit in career building and to the academic aspects for the students of law, and serve the society at large.

To introduce, “In Light of Law” attempts an effort in keeping budding lawyers, researchers, and academicians updated with all the academic chances coming their way, in order to strengthen their career and promote much wider dissemination of information.


Our Mission

Our Goal is to enhance the reach of law students towards the opportunity they desire. We are working with a vision to establish a platform where legal experts & students can present their work, Articles, Legal opinions on various themes of Law and Judgments.


Our Team

Founder: Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth, in his own words, a work in progress on the journey to becoming a better human being. Apart from being an inquisitive, excited and passionate law learner, he is also a National para-Olympics Medallist in the event of Long jump. You can connect him on LinkedIn by clicking here.


Other Members, Honoring Our Foundation Stones

1.       Ankit Jindal 

2.       Sonia Yadav

3.       Utkarsh Sachora

4.       Simran Singh Verma

5.       Nandini Gautam

6.       Semal Kundra



Building Partnerships for Legal Education

We have partnered with Law Schools, Law Firms, Domain Experts (resource persons) and NGOs working in the field of Law to build and spread legal knowledge to learners/legal fraternity.


Our Initiatives

Our key activities involve:

  • ·         War of Words: As the name itself suggests, a debate tournament which encourage the legal students to put forwards their ideas, arguments and allow them to settle on a logical conclusion. It is our flagship event, which is organized on the quarterly basis.
  • ·         Virtual Group Discussion Sessions: These sessions provide a platform for law students to interact with some of the country's top legal minds, including retired Supreme Court and High Court judges, advocates, academicians, and subject matter experts.
  • ·         Online Quizzes: We have developed numerous online quizzes to test and enhance legal knowledge.
  • ·         Jail Visits: In collaboration with local groups, we facilitate visits to correctional facilities, allowing students to engage with prisoners and authorities, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.
  • ·         Ongoing Legal Assistance Camps: Through partnerships with various law colleges, organizations, individual advocates, paralegal volunteers, and interns, we strive to provide free legal assistance to those in need within our immediate vicinity.


For You

Join us in this journey, explore our platform, and be a part of our vision. Together, we can continue to shine a light on the path of law and knowledge. Connect with us on Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram  and YouTube channel.

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