Question: A meets B on the High road, A shows pistol to B and demand B’s purse. Consequently A gives his purse to B. What offence has A committed?


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Here, A has committed the offence of robbery.


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Section 390 of IPC has contained the offence of robbery. It provides that:

Theft becomes robbery, when the following conditions are met:

1.                     At the time of attempting, committing, or carrying away the stolen property,

2.                   The offender voluntarily causes death, grievous hurt, restraint, or fear of instant death, grievous hurt, or instant restraint,

3.                 With his immediate presence.

4.                To the victim,

In the given scenario, A meets B on the High road and displays a pistol, creating a situation that puts B in fear of instant death, grievous hurt, or instant restraint. A demands B's purse, and B, in response to the threat, hands over their purse to A. Therefore, A fulfills the elements of robbery as per Section 390.

Furthermore, the situation at hand aligns with one of the illustrations provided within the section itself, reinforcing the applicability of the offense.

Here, the punishment for which he may be liable may extend to rigorous imprisonment of 10 years, or fine or both.


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