Job Post: Justice Dr. Mukundakam Sharma (Former Judge of Supreme Court), Requires A Law Researcher, Apply Now!


About Justice Dr. Mukundakam Sharma

Justice Dr. Mukundakam Sharma (born on 18th September, 1946) is an Indian attorney and judge. He served on the Supreme Court of India. He was appointed on 9 April 2008, and retired on 17 September 2011.


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About the Opportunity

Justice Dr. Mukundakam Sharma is looking for a Law Researcher to take up the active role for assisting him with his ongoing Arbitrations. The role envisages utmost sincerity from the candidate coupled with eagerness to learn. The candidate shall get immense exposure on Arbitration matters on a daily basis. The candidate should be research oriented and possess immaculate drafting skills to fill in the role.

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Candidates with at least 2 years of experience in Arbitration and the concerned law.



Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi



1. Taking up rigorous research work.

2. Regular assistance in drafting as and when required.

3. Managing the working of matters under Justice Dr. Sharma

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As per industry standards


How to Apply

Send your CVs at

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